Sponsored Legislation

Below is a list of some of the bills I have sponsored in my tenure as a legislator. When I ran for office it was on the principle of changing our state for the better, not to maintain the status quo. Many candidates run on the republican platform, however many do not follow through with a conservative agenda. I have been true to myself and rural Coloradoans who count on common sense legislation. I have not carried many 65-0 vote bills. I am not afraid to take on the controversial issues that others will not touch. Yet I have been effective in many of my pursuits of these controversial bills. 

Please scan over the list below. There you will see that I sponsored much needed tort reform, water legislation, and pro life issues. I can promise you much more as your next senator. I will work to keep our conservative values on the forefront of the Senate agenda. 

Below you will find the year introduced, bill number, title, and in blue a very brief explanation of the intent of the bill. To see a full list of sponsored bills please visit www.leg.state.co.us.

2011 Sponsored Bills:

HB11-1262 Electric Utility PUC Transparency In Bidding makes electric utilities more accountable to rate-payers and investors 

HB11-1231 S Platte River Alluvial Aquifer Study authorizes a study to ensure we are using our water efficiently

HB11-1205 Concealed Handgun Exception protects the right of CO citizens to defend themselves

HB11-1192 Longer Vehicle Combinations Highways modernizes the freight system in CO

HB11-1187 Northeastern Jr College Club Employees exempts NJC golf course and restaurant employees from the state personnel system

HB11-1005 Reinstate Tax Exemption for Ag Products repeals the dirty dozen tax increase that hit rural areas the hardest

HB11-1010 Incidental Use of Tax-Exempt Property makes it easier for charitable organizations to share their facilities and host public events

HB11-1092 Local Streets and Highways Available Bike Route prevents local authorities from prohibiting bike riders from using public roads

SB11-036 Inherent Risk Mountain Biking Liability limits the risk exposure of mountain bike providers and instructors by acknowledging the inherent dangers of the activity

SB11-022 Year-Round Daylight Savings Time gives Colorado more evening light during the winter by staying on daylight savings time throughout the year

SB11-012 Student Possession Prescription Drugs allows students to keep life saving medications with them at school w/o excessive rules and regs

2010 Sponsored bills

SB10-052 Alter Designated Ground Water Basin  protecting water rights for farmers

SB10-069 Plus One for Transportation  providing money for transportation w/o raising taxes

SB10-134 Electric Utility RPS more credit for Distributed Generation  promoting affordable renewable energy w/o raising rates

SCR10-008 Clarification of Taxes and Fees in TABOR  amendment to end taxes masquerading as fees

HB10-1006 Fund Water Resources Tier 1  prioritizing water storage in tough economic times

HB10-1007 County Clerk & Recorder Filing Fees  limits fee increases and forces efficiency

HB10-1039 Enactment of 2009 CRS  just a nuts and bolts we have to pass it bill

HB10-1126 Priority Based Budgeting for Colorado  no more business as usual

HB10-1235 APA Incorporation by Reference in Rules  creates more efficient government

HB10-1254 Assessment High School Graduation Requirement  real grad requirements, no more social promotion

HB10-1422 Revisor’s bill    clean up of statutes

2009 Sponsored bills

SB09-004 Moratorium on Oil & Gas Commission rules  saving Colorado jobs from Ritter’s job killing rules and regs

SB09-063 Limit Eminent Domain Railroads  protecting property rights

SB09-74 Firearms ban safe storage intrastate sales  protecting the Second Amendment

SB09-102 Medical benefits if employer provides insurance  limit the slide to Obamacare

SB09-113 Sunset Measurement Standards Dept of Ag  continues and improves important govt standards for agriculture

SB09-115 Sunset Livestock Market Regulation  continues and improves important govt standards for agriculture so it harder to rustle cattle

SB09-148 Bicycle Road Riding Lanes Passing Vehicle  safety measures for cyclists

SB09-292 Revisor’s bill  clean up of statutes

HB09-1098 Streamline clean coal PUC Enviro Regs  cutting red tape and making energy affordable

HB09-1180 Firearm Transfer Background Check  promoting the Second Amendment   

HB09-1195 Private School Tuition Tax Credit  real school choice and reform that also saves money

HB09-1318 Overweight Vehicle Permits  modernizing freight rules to benefit farmers and ranchers.  It took me eight years to win this battle; never give up.

2008 Sponsored Bills

SB08-028 Reduce Bonnie Reservoir evaporation loss Preserving water rights for rural Colorado

SB08-053 Include 100-year Wells Designated Basins Preserving water rights for rural Colorado

SB08-068 Telemedicine Medicaid For Mental Health More effective / efficient health care

SB08-111 Permits Issued By State Agencies Simplifying the State permit system

SB08-115 Civil Action Gun-free Zone Protects the Second Amendment

SB08-247 Water Supply Plans Pre-2003 Depletions Preserving water right for rural Colorado

HB08-1030 Exempt Pre-1974 Well Depletions Preserving water right for rural Colorado

2007 Sponsored Bills

SB07-245 Commercial Vehicle School Bus Capacity Concerning the C.D.L.  process

SB07-067 Share Road Bicycle Special License Plate Promotes Bicycle Safety

SB07-033 Adoption Of High-risk Children Creates a way to keep these Children with their families

SB07-039 Protect Landowner Salvage Pipeline Protects property owner

HB07-1110 Land Use Regul & Private Real Prop Protects property owners from eminent domain

HB07-1240 Supermajority For Revenue Increases Protects the taxpayers

HB07-1264 Annexation Of Entire Right-Of-Way Protects property rights

2006 Sponsored Bills

SB06-026 – CO Commission on Higher Education  Protects rural schools from needless bureaucracy.

SB06-098 – Workers’ Comp Exclude Undocumented Alien  Crack down on illegal aliens.

SB06-132 – Wastewater Treatment Grants  Continues rural wastewater treatment grants.

SB06-139 – Labor Union Participation  Stops employer discrimination of union requirements.

SB06-147 – Vehicle Weight Limits  Grace to overweight trucks hauling grain during harvest.

HB06-1032 – Irrigation Inflation Adjustment  Adjusted monetary amount in statute for inflation.

HB06-1099 – Limit Eminent Domain by Public Entities  Limits use of eminent domain.

HB06-1114 – Create Revenue Shortfall Relief Fund  Creates rainy day fund.

HB06-1156 – Prohibit Disclosure of Social Security Number  Prohibits displaying social security number.

HB06-1275 – Value of Wind Energy Facilities  Determine property tax value of wind generation property.

HCR06-1007 – Preservation of Religious Freedom  Protects freedom of religion

HJR06-1037 – Special Session on Immigration  Called for special session on immigration.

2005 Sponsored Bills

SB05-069 – County Employee Salary Publication  Gave privacy to county employees.

HJR05-1020 – Kit Carson County Carousel  Promoted tourism in Eastern Colorado.

HB05-1218 – Bicycle Traffic Rules Made cyclists safer.

HB05-1185 – Operate Temp Water Changes For 5 Years Gave Important water flexibility to agriculture.

HB05-1160 – Unlawful Recording Of A Live Performance Protected intellectual property rights.

HB05-1106 – Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act Promoted life.

HB05-1075 – Non-driving Alcohol Violation Records  Kept kids’ records private.

HB05-1155 – Definition of Pregnancy  Promoted life.

HB05-1260 – No Post-Viability Abortions  Promoted life.

HB05-1271 – Services for Legal Residents of US  No welfare for illegal immigrants.

SB05-191 – Rural Teacher Recruitment Supported rural schools.

SJM05-007 – Amend US Const To Balance Fed Budget  Requested U.S. Congress to balance budget.

2004 Sponsored Bills

HB04-1054 – Occupants of Vehicle in Accidents  Promoted personal responsibility.

HB04-1130 – Health Ins for Valid Multi-state Associations  Help to lower health insurance costs.

HB04-1198 – Telecommunications Authority Law  Promoted Internet access.

HB04-1269 – Criminal Operation of Device in Movies Protected intellectual property rights.

HB04-1281 – Authority to Carry Concealed Firearms Promoted the Second Amendment.

HB04-1309 – Safe Routes to School Increased safety for our kids.

HB04-1349 – Actions Professionals Cert of Review  Tort reform.

HB04-1439 – Multi-State Assoc & Individual Health Plans  Helped lower health insurance costs.

HR04-1007 – Impeachment of Judge Coughlin  Took a real stand against judicial activism and for religious liberty.

SB04-018 – Local Gov Retirement Plan Contribution Limit   Much needed privacy for county employees.

SB04-134 – Judicial Funding Districts  Helped our rural District Attorneys.

SB04-143 – Construction Contracts for Public Projects   Streamlined government.

SB04-165 – Analysis of PERA Contribution Changes  Streamlined government.

SB04-235 – Republican River Water Conservation Dist  Critical water legislation for Eastern Colorado.

SJR04-011 – Fair Tax  Tax simplification.

SJR04-032 – Designation of Certain Highways  Promoted Ports to Plains.

2003 Sponsored Bills

HB03-1003 – Inherent Risk Agricultural Activities  Tort reform and relief for agriculture.

HB03-1099 – Liquefied Petroleum Gas Regulation  More protection against trial lawyers.

HB03-1185 – Gross Weight of Electric Utility Vehicle  Help for Rural Electric Associations.

HB03-1199 – Deregulate Taxi Jitney Passenger Transportation  Smaller government.

HB03-1201 – Vehicle Weight Limits on State Highways  Modernized freight hauling in Colorado.

HB03-1238 – Accrual Accounting for Gen Fund Surplus   Stopped the shell games with our refunds.

SB03-062 – Warrants Subject to Unclaimed Prop Law

SB03-068 – Health Insurance Mandates Commission Lowered health insurance costs.

SB03-167 – Valuation Possessory Interest State Land  Tax relief for agriculture.

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